Gerrit is blogging the Linux Kernel Summit this week and his blog entrys are well worth reading, if just for the use of the word kerfuffle. Seriously, there is good stuff there – Andrew Morton on Linux Kernel Quality is especially interesting to me. I had heard that Andrew was tossing around the idea of requiring test cases for patch submissions. That would greatly increase test code coverage and reduce regressions, but based on the discussion in Gerrit’s blog posting, it looks like it would have been dismissed out of hand for requiring to much additional work, if it had even been brought up at the kernel summit. A related topic was brought up during the Documentation session with a proposal to pull LTP tests into Linus’ git tree.
Off the topic of quality, this cracked me up: “The running joke was that long explanations of x86 functionality requested by the s390 people was usually ended with the comment “oh, I understand now, we have an instruction that does that” ;)”
I love this coverage of the Kernel Summit, along with LWN’s coverage, it is better than actually being there!