Current and former co-workers, Kent Yoder, Dave Challener, Ryan Catherman, Dave Safford, and Leedert van Doorn have written a book called A Practical Guide to Trusted Computing. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon and will available on Jan. 7, 2008. The authors have been instrumental in the creation of the TCG specs and key open source software, for example, Dave led the TSS Working Group for years and Leendert was on the Board of Directors. I reviewed an early copy of the book almost exactly a year ago. My favorite parts of the version that I read were the chapters on TSS along with the sample code for how to use the TSS API and the chapter on use cases for Trusted Computing (for the sheer fun of it). I think that it definitely lives up to its billing as a practical guide and it provides a complete grounding in the concepts of trust, attestation, measurement, etc. that are foundational to Trusted Computing. It is very readable and is a faster read and shorter than it seems because of the reference information included. I haven’t yet seen the ultimate version of the book, but I’m eagerly awaiting my copy from Amazon. Congratulations to the authors for sticking through the long haul and providing such a useful book!