When my daughter saw the OLPC, her face lit up. “What is that?” She immediately wanted to play with it. At 3.25 years old, she is well below the targeted age range, but she still loved the look and feel of it. She enjoyed the paint program although it is a little challenging still. She really got into the picture books at the OLPC library. And she was totally thrilled by the Recorder. I got a great clip of her singing her ABCs. She also really got into TamTamMini and had great fun making noise. She is a great stress tester because her approach is to hit all of the buttons and see what happens. This has caused some interesting desktop configurations under KDE and Gnome. For the most part, Sugar took everything she threw at it and shrugged it off, but she was able to crash TamTamMini by typing random characters in the Activity name field. It didn’t actually crash, it just stopped making music (noise).

It looks like there are enough activities to sustain her interest for quite some time to come.