TruTV (was CourtTV) has created a new show on security testing called Tiger Team. You can view the first episode online at the TruTV video website. Their “Share” feature yielded this link but these links don’t tend to stay fresh long, so to find it click on New, then look down through the listings for Tiger Team (on page two as of Jan. 2). This show has widely been reported as an IT show, but the first episode is about pen testing a car dealership. Only one person on the team specializes in computer security, another person specialized in social engineering. It shows them dumpster diving, social engineering, breaking in after dark (“daring late night break in”), casing the dealership, etc. Choice quote: “If there is any other team in the world who does what we do, hands down we are the best”. Don’t expect to learn anything from it, but it is highly amusing in the reality show breathless kind of way and vividly demonstrates the security mindset.

Here’s a great blog post by Matt Hines that describes the episode in amusing detail.