Russell Coker is running a security blogging contest in conjunction with LCA 2008. Only people who have never been employed to work on security, have their own blogs, and who write positive blog entries on a security topic are eligible. He’s looking for commercial sponsors and offering cash prizes. This looks like a very cool contest that will hopefully have the nice side effect of garnering complete coverage of all of the security topics at the conference for those of us who are not there. Thanks, Russell!

The January State of Spam Report says that in December spam accounted for 75% of all email. Just a reminder of the cost that we pay daily for failing to build any type of security into the protocol.

Here’s another interesting look of the daily human cost of some security technologies – Study: IT Monitoring Stresses Workers Out. Key quote: “The main consequence of IT surveillance has been a sharp increase in work strain, involving feelings of exhaustion, anxiety and worry related to work…” and unbelievably, “More than half of British workers are now under some sort of IT scrutiny…” Is the value of the data they are protecting through these measures really greater than the individual and societal cost of the measures?