Fedora Weekly News continues to be a(n unexpectedly) great source for security content. I’ve recently been cleaning up the backlog of my email and have discovered nuggets of valuable information such as

94% of Fedora 8 installs have SELinux enabled

in Fedora Weekly News Issue 121 (Feb. 18, 2008). Now if you read the article, the number I selected to highlight is the raw number that James got off-list. 47%, 50%, and 74% were also tossed out there. Dan Walsh said that the statistics are misleading but being improved and Yaakov Nemoy says that smolt only measures 10% of Fedora machines. So, they are still working out the details. Even so, what they have measured so far is a quite a bit different from the statistics that we see about enterprise customers. I expect it is probably because Fedora users are satisfied with a completely open source stack and do not install as many 3rd party ISV applications which are not as integrated and do not have application specific SELinux policy. Still, this is an incredibly encouraging statistic. Once the Fedora community has been collecting the statistics a little longer, collects whether SELinux is enforcing or not, and starts publicizing these statistics widely, they may be able to help drive ISV adoption (or at least tolerance) of SELinux which will encourage commercial customers to follow the Fedora wave of early adopters on short order.

P.S. Yes, the title is tongue in cheek with a nod to the guys who participated in the discussion.