I’ve been writing this blog just over a year now. The year started out very strong with some my favorite posts coming early on. As my core job responsibilities moved beyond security, writing a security focused blog has become more difficult, and I have posted much less frequently over the past several months.

Looking back over the year, the posts with the most hits:

  1. Not With A Bang But A Whimper
  2. eCryptfs in Fedora 8
  3. Password Length
  4. Security Design Principles

While that list certainly includes the posts that are my favorites, I also keep going back to Linux Security Best Practices because the NSA guide is so valuable and contains the answers to many of the most often asked security questions.
And I remain surprised at how popular the posts of weekly news links have been.

I’ve enjoyed having this forum (far more than I expected) as a place to put my opinions and thoughts about Linux security, a place to focus my attention on Linux security, and a place to even post a few facts from time to time.

Thank you.