Steve Hanna has written an excellent cloud security overview article A Security Analysis of Cloud Computing which talks about how trusted computing can help solve some of the cloud security problems.

Privacy concerns for the ages, is anonymity sufficient? Facebook and Google: Contrasts in Privacy Is privacy an illusion or a social contract? Blakley’s blog post Gartner gets privacy dead wrong debates the issue. Will Facebook users go along with Facebook’s new policies and the sense that their privacy was an illusion, or will they revolt, pile on EFF’s FTC complaint and leave Facebook in droves?

This article covers a lot of ground on the impact to security of virtualization and cloud adoption. I like it right up the the abrupt ending. Virtualization Adoption Slips.

Three just for fun: has a 2009 retrospective of Linux activity: A look at Linux in the recession. Somehow I missed the news about Hannah Montana Linux.

An octopus and its travel trailer: Tool Use Found in Octopuses.

There is a new specialty of female bodyguards in Egypt.