Guest Bloggers are no longer active on this site, but if any of them would like to write an article, they are always welcome!

Here is the great line-up of the former guest bloggers with their historical information preserved from 2009! Many have since gone on to other jobs - this information is not current, it represents what they were doing at the time when they did their guest blogging.

Bryan Jacobson – LTC Security Team manager (circa 2007-2009) – I hope that blogs help us connect with people using Linux security capabilities.

George Wilson is the IBM LTC Security Architect. His top interests include access control, assurance, and virtualization.

Joy Latten is an IBM LTC Software Engineer. Her interests include network security and SELinux.

Klaus Kiwi is a an IBM LTC Software Develoment Manager. His primary interests are Trusted Computing, Auditing and Virtualization.

Rajiv Andrade is an IBM LTC Software Engineer (circa 2006-2012). He’s the TrouSerS and openCryptoki maintainer, open source projects related to his main interests which are Trusted Computing, Cryptography and Device Driver Development.

Robert Sisk is a Security Architect and Strategist for the IBM. His interests include network and system security as well as security monitoring and audit.

Tyler Hicks is a former software engineer for IBM’s LTC Security department (now at Canonical). He is the primary contact for the eCryptfs kernel module and is also interested in mandatory access control and virtualization.

All guest bloggers are responsible for the content of their postings. Their postings on this site are their own and don’t necessarily represent their employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.