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Apropos of nothing, this squiggled my funny bone this morning: Pew Research reports that there is a glass ceiling for female white collar criminals. It sounds like they are doing it wrong: “More than half of all women (56%) did not personally profit from the fraud”. Some backbone is needed: “Still others said they knowingly committed illegal acts simply because they were instructed to do so by a superior”. Sigh. They couldn’t at least ask for a candy bar? I heard the story on NPR this morning during my commute.

The hack of iOS devices by a malicious charger is one of the most interesting stories from Black Hat this week. Pretty amazing that the chargers have this much power yet are not authenticated via a solution such as ORIGA from Infineon. (I do not now and have never worked for Infineon. I’m sure that there are many more solutions like this from other companies, this is just one at hand that would serve to fix this vulnerability without giving up any of the functionality. Whether or not a charger needs that functionality is another kettle of worms.)