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Security Week published my latest opinion piece about Developing Below the Security Poverty Line. I love the visceral impact of Wendy Nather’s phrase “security poverty line”. I wish we were all above the poverty line, using effective SDLC processes, but it sadly isn’t the case yet as the Black Duck survey vividly shows.

David Wheeler and I promoted the CII Best Practices Badge on FLOSS Weekly with Randal Schwarz and Guillermo Amaral. It was a fun show to do despite my aversion to video. And by the end of the day, we already had an issue posted by someone who watched the show, so it is definitely reaching the right audience. I’ve been a fan of FLOSS Weekly since I first heard about OpenROV on the show.

Gunnar interviewed Dr. David A. Wheeler and I about the CII Best Practices Badge program for an episode of The Dave and Gunnar Show called “Badge of Open Source Honor“. With a little editing, it even turned into something that I can listen to without cringing. 🙂 Thanks, Gunnar!

The show ended before we could shout out to Dan Kohn and Samir Khakimov to give them the props that they deserve.